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Play 600 solitaire games, 70 video poker games, card games and so much more!

New version 9.1 - May 2013

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When you purchase Funpuz Game Collection for under $30 you get

  • Funsol Solitaire with over 600 solitaire games - Find Out More
  • Funpok Video Poker with 70 games - Find Out More
  • Funcrd Card Games with Cribbage, Hearts and Go Fish - Find Out More
  • Ridem Higher Lower table game - Find Out More
  • Matchem Memory Matching game - Find Out More
  • Runner Maze game with 100 levels - Find Out More
  • Spiro Spirograph simulator - Find Out More

    A $95 value when each game is purchased separately!

    Pai Gow Video Poker Steets and Alleys Solitaire Game
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    Card Games

    Pharmaceutical Pills Matching Game

    Pharmaceutical pills of all types can be matched using the latest add-on to Matchem Memory including Viagra, Calais, Sildenafil and others.

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    Strategy Tips for Online Blackjack

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    On Softgame.net

    An enormously wide variety of games

    Our huge collection of games includes not only an astounding number of games, but a very diverse assortment which includes many many different types of games to suite any player who comes by our site. If you have any ideas for other games you would like to see on the site, please email us your suggestions, and we will try to add any games we think will contribute to the site.

    Learn more about blackjack

    This page offers a constant updating library of information and articles about blackjack. There you can...

  • Get tips on how to play and win at online blackjack
  • Find out about all the variants of the blackjack game
  • Learn the history of blackjack
  • Play blackjack online for free

    Play card games including cribbage, hearts and go fish

    Visit The Card Games Section

    Learn rules, etiquette, history and so much more about card games. Play Hearts, Cribbage and Go Fish too. Look at what is available here...

  • Learn rules to your favorite card games. New rules are added all the time
  • This section offers history, card playing etiquette and information about playing cards
  • Play Hearts, Cribbage and Go Fish

    Learn rules to popular card games here. We will be adding new sets of rules on a regular basis. Learn to play Hearts, Cribbage and Go Fish. Hearts is a popular card game with four players than can be played with teams or four man cutthroat. Avoid the queen of spades at all costs. Pass cards and avoid taking points as the lowest score wins. Cribbage is an interesting game that uses a special score board with pegs. The board is usually made of wood. There are several ways to score points including runs, pairs and sets of cards that total 15. You can also score points by playing cards back and fourth and pegging points using the same scoring combinations. Watch out for the skunk! Go Fish is great for children to hone their memorization skills. Ask for cards from opponents and make sets of four of a kind to win. If you don't have any luck getting the cards you need, you can always 'fish' for the desired card and still 'get what you asked for'.

    This section of the site also has articles on the long and interesting history of card games. You can learn to be a great card player by learning good etiquette and all about the different types of cards that have been used and still exist today. Keep an eye out for new articles added almost daily on just about every topic on card playing.

    Play table games including video poker and higher lower table game

    Visit The Table Games Section

    This is the table games area.

  • Read about how to play and win table games
  • Find out about all the newest games
  • Learn the history and the future of table games
  • Download and play table games including video poker and higher lower

    Right now you can learn about the latest hot game Badugi poker. Online poker has been a big hit for quite a while and you can stay up to date on existing poker games and where they are headed. We will also keep you covered on the history of virtually every table game out there. Check back often for the latest articles as we add more games almost daily.

    Finally, why not try some table games yourself? This site offers 70 video poker games and a higher lower table game. You can try these games free for seven days. If you decide to purchase, you only need to pay once as upgrades are free forever. The games also offer an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.

    Play video poker games including power poker, Pai Gow video poker and jokers wild

    Visit The Video Poker Games Section

    This section of Softgame.net offers a constant updating library of information and articles about video poker. Here you can...

  • Get tips on how to play and win video poker
  • Find out about all the newest games and the classic games too
  • You can learn and even play the latest video poker games like the new Power Poker and Pai Gow video poker.
  • Download and play 70 video poker games

    This site offers a collection of games that include power poker with as many as 196 hands and several versions of Pai Gow video poker. Feel free to also try poker games like progressive jackpot, jokers wild, pick five and even five deck video poker.

    We offer articles on the history of video poker as well as new articles being added every week. Finally, you can play 70 with a free seven day trial. If you enjoy the games they can be purchased for under $25 and the best part is that you will never pay another penny again. You will get upgrades forever, even if new games are added.

    Find out how learning can be fun with computer educational games

    Visit The Educational Games Section

    Learn how computer games can make learning fun. Play a matching game that will help students polish their memory skills and have fun while doing it.

  • Read about how computers can make learning fun
  • Learn how memory matching games can help children improve their memory and even play a matching game yourself
  • Watch for more articles in the near future

    Learning does not have to be boring and can and should be fun. That way a person will learn much more, learn faster and retain the information much longer. The best way to have fun learning is to do it while playing a game. Schools are using these learning techniques more and more and saving time and paper. The future of education is rapidly changing as computers become more widespread in use

    Matching pictures can help children learn to memorize. At the same time, they can learn from the pictures themselves. You can try it out for yourself with Matchem Memory. This game allows you to create any board size and play against up to three computer players. Select the skill levels of the computer players to make it more challenging. There are wild cards too that match with any other picture.

    Watch math hard at work when you learn about and create spirograph designs

    Visit The Math Games Section

    Read about spirograph history and look for dozens of new math articles in the future.

  • Read about spirograph history
  • Create spirograph designs yourself instantly
  • Watch for more articles in the near future

    Mathematics can be fascinating and when combined with our modern powerful PCs of today can be downright fascinating. You can see a great example of this when you try our Spirograph simulator. Watch designs instantly form on your screen as you scroll, zoom and change wheel settings to make beautiful designs. You can adjust colors and line thickness and save the design with one mouse click.

    Here at Softgame.net we are fascinated with mathematics and will be posting articles on subjects such as geometric games, fractions, shapes, grids and others. You will enjoy our history articles and will be amazed how old some of the classic math games are. Learn how to win these classic math games and the get to know rules to others.

    We hope you enjoy experiencing the fascinating subject of math games.
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