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Bridge is a sophisticated card game that can take years to master, but the rewards are endless.

1. What is the order of suits in Bridge?

a) Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds
b) Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades
c) Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs
d) Dress Suit, Fancy Dress, Shorts, Jeans


2. What is no trump?

a) A scoring method
b) A bid that involves no suits
c) A game with no dummy hand
d) What happens when someone gets tired of The Apprentice


3. Who plays the dummy hand?

a) The person who is losing badly
b) Someone who is just learning to play Bridge
c) The winning bidder
d) The losing bidder


4. What wins a trick?

a) The highest card of the lead suit or the trump suit if it exists
b) Someone from the wrong part of town
c) The lowest card of the lead suit
d) The card of the highest rank


5. How are Bridge players labeled?

a) One, Two, Three, Four
b) A, B, C, D
c) People who need to get back to work
d) North, South, East, West


6. What are the three main types of Bridge?

a) Boston, Whist, Auction
b) Cable Stayed, Suspension, Truss
c) Chicago, Triplicate, Straight
d) Rubber, Duplicate, Chicago


7. How is no trump scored?

a) 10 points per trick
b) 40 points for the first trick and 30 points for each additional trick
c) 30 points for the first trick and 20 points for each additional trick
d) No points since no trump seems to easy


8. What is it called when a team makes all 13 tricks?

a) A home run
b) A double
c) A grand slam
d) A triple


9. What are the honours?

a) Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten
b) King, Queen, Jack
c) Someone who gets all grades of B or higher
d) Ace, King, Queen


10. How are bridge teams labeled?

a) Competitive
b) North, East
c) We, They
d) Good, Bad


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About the Author

Trisha Ellington works for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She works on web sites, designs games and does graphic work.


The correct suit order after 'no trump' for placing bids and scoring is spades, hearts, diamonds and finally clubs. Bidding starts at one and works thought the suits before the next number is reached.

No trump is a bid with no suits. When no trump is bid, the highest card of the same suit as the lead card takes the trick and cannot be trumped.

The winning bidder plays both their hand and the their partner's hand. This is called the dummy hand and is exposed face up on the table for all players to see. The dummy hand is played in the normal sequence.

A trick is won two ways. First, if no trump is played or exists, the highest rank of the lead suit wins the trick. If there is trump, then the highest trump card wins the trick regardless of the lead suit

Bridge players are named based on the points of a compass to make it easy to identify each player at the table. The head of the table is north, their partner south, and the opposing team is labeled east and west.

There are three main types of bridge. The most common is rubber bridge because the matches are best of three which may require a rubber match if both teams win the first two games. Duplicate bridge allows the same deals to be played by teams in tournament. Finally, Chicago bridge is played in just four deals.

No trump is the highest scoring bid style, but also the most difficult to pull off. The first trick after the initial six is scored 40 points and each trick after that scores 30. The maximum possible score is then 220 points.

Making all 13 tricks is the holy grail of bridge. This is especially true for a no trump bid. The term for winning all 13 tricks is called a grand slam. Winning twelve tricks is called a small slam.

The honours suits are the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. If a player has all five honours suits then an additional 150 points is scored for the team.

The two bridge teams are labeled 'we' and 'they'. The scorer's team is considered 'we' and the opposing team 'they'. Scorecards usually have these labels preprinted on them.

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