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Funcrd Card Games

Play Cribbage, Hearts and Go Fish

Funcrd Card Games comes with Funpuz Game Collection. Play Hearts against the best AI players in the world. Enjoy Cribbage with a realistic cribbage board. Let the children enjoy playing Go Fish while fine tuning their memory skills.

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Funcrd Card Games offers these features and more

  • Play against user definable smart AI computer players
  • All games automatically save where you left off
  • Adjust background, card backs, card faces and more
  • Save, load and restart card games
  • Easy one click card play
  • Rich sound effects and detailed graphics

    When you purchase Funpuz Game Collection for under $30 you get

  • Cribbage, Hearts and Go Fish card games
  • Over 600 solitaire card games - Find out more
  • Hundreds of other games - Find out more
  • Purchase once and play forever with unlimited upgrades
  • Seven day free trial and 90 day money back guarantee
  • Get unlock code immediately after purchase
  • Free add-on package loaded with extras
  • No advertisements, adware, spy ware or logging on
  • Unlimited prompt technical support
  • Unlimited downloads and replacement unlock codes

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  • Screen shots of Funcrd Card Games

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    Cribbage Card Game Hearts Card Game
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