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Retirement is a time when one has plenty of free time to enjoy life. Retirees will spend time with family, travel, volunteer and go to social events, but a very popular pastime among retired people is card playing. Retired people form senior citizen social groups that meet up on certain days of the month or week to play card games. The most popular card games retired men and women enjoy are bridge, poker and cribbage. Tournaments are common and the events can also involve buffets, pot luck dinners and parties.

Retirement and card games go very well together as they both offer a relaxing exercise for the brain and a time to socialize. Card playing is a very leisurely activity which allows plenty of time to socialize. Social activity is vital during retirement. No one wants to spend their retirement years alone. Since most retired people are older and cannot partake in as many physical activities as they did in their younger days, card playing is a great way to socialize even well into their 90s. Playing card games also helps keep the brain active, since retirement people are no longer working a job which often requires constant brain usage. It has been proven that increased brain activity among the older and retired helps their thinking process and even long and short term memory.

The average retirement age has been rising due to increased life longevity, better health and reduced pensions. Many retired people work well into their 70s. Retired people also participate in more activities these days. Retirees travel more and take part in physical activities due to better health and the recent obesity epidemic. This and the massive increase in home computers has changed the retired card playing environment in a major way. Many retired people now play cards online with other members on web sites. Retirees also play card games against computer players. This allows senior citizens to play cards even after age 100. Card playing clubs still exist and thrive, however, as the retired population continues to grow faster than any other age group. The increase in gaming establishments has also helped change the card playing landscape among retired people. Most states now allow some sort of gaming establishment other than lotteries.

A vast majority of Softgame Company's a customers are retired. Most of our card game customers are senior citizens. Even in retirement, card games are always a great pastime. Enjoy the games.

About the Author

Trisha Ellington works for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She works on web sites, designs games and does graphic work.

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