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Casual games are the fastest growing category of games today

Casual games are showing up all over the internet. Some sites are showing new games being released almost daily. Casual games consist of puzzle games that are often based on time. Causal games can also be word and math based and be educational for young players. Casual games can also include board games, card games and solitaire games. Sudoku is a logic game that uses symbols on a grid. The player must arrange the symbols in such a way that there are no duplicates in any row, column or three by three grid. PopCap's Bejeweled is a time based, colorful timed game that involves matching three objects to remove them from the board. The game can be learned in seconds and is very addicting to play. Expect to see more and more casual games in the future.

You can play a time based maze game on this site. You control a character to collect flowers and advance to the next level. Make sure you collect all the flowers or you will have to start over. Avoid water as it take more time to cross. Some walls are invisible and others are fake and don't exists at all! Collect apples to get more time to complete the level.

So, be sure to enjoy this section of our web site and don't forget to try out our addicting maze casual game.

Another great example of the different types of casual games can be found at online casinos, for instance Pocket Fruity's large selection of casual casino games is a great place to play with no need to make a deposit and well worth checking out.

Runner Maze

Play a 100 level maze casual game

New version 9.1 - Dec 2015

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