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Runner Maze

Play a 100 level maze casual game

Runner Maze comes with Funpuz Game Collection. Play 100 levels of fun against the clock. Run out of time and start the level over.

Runner Maze offers these features and more

  • Automatic game save
  • Warp to any level once the password is learned
  • Many obstacles and puzzles that are fun to maneuver
  • Hours of fun
  • Colorful graphics and rich sound

    When you purchase Funpuz Game Collection for under $30 you get

  • Runner Maze with 100 levels
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  • Purchase once and play forever with unlimited upgrades
  • Seven day free trial and 90 day money back guarantee
  • Get unlock code immediately after purchase
  • Free add-on package loaded with extras
  • No advertisements, adware, spy ware or logging on
  • Unlimited prompt technical support
  • Unlimited downloads and replacement unlock codes

    Runner Maze rules

  • Walls block passage
  • Open space allows free movement but costs one time unit per move
  • Water allows free movement but costs five time units per move
  • Exits go to next level only if all flowers are gone, otherwise you have to start level over
  • Fake walls look like real walls, but will disappear when moved over
  • Invisible walls will block you and appear when you attempt to move over them
  • Apples add 20 time units to your total time
  • All flowers need to be collected to advance to the next level
  • Advance to the next level before time runs out or you will have to start the level over
  • Each new level has a password. Type this in to warp to the level at any time

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  • Screen shots of Runner Maze

    Here are some screen shots taken from Runner Maze

    You can click on the thumbnails below to see a full size screen shot.

    Runner Maze Games Castle Maze Level
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