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Matching Pills One of my co workers was checking his email and mistakenly opened a spam email regarding buying pharmaceuticals. The email contained gibberish for text, but had a graphic attachment showing a picture of dozens of pills in a grid. He said, "Wow, this looks like our Matchem Memory Game using pictures of pills to match up". After that, we held a brief meeting and decided to use pharmaceutical pills as a picture set for the Matchem Memory Game. The pills picture set is now part of the add-on which is available to our customers for download after they purchase Funpuz Game Collection which contains Matchem Memory Game.

We were rather surprised how many pills were available to add to the picture set. There were literally thousands of different types of pills. The only way to manage the situation was to narrow the pool down to recently invented medical pills. These would be more familiar to our users and high quality pictures were easier to find. Unfortunately, we found out about most of these pills on spam based web sites and emails. It is amazing how many sites are selling these pharmaceuticals. The high cost of prescription medicine has created a mini boom of markets, some of which appear suspect. Nonetheless, we opted not to sell any pills online and simply used the various pictures to make an entertaining game that is offered as a free add-on for our users.

The most common pills were related to intimacy related issues. Viagra and Cialis are the most common since they are relatively new and help people in a way that was never available before. Viagra has been mentioned on numerous comedy programs including late night shows. Everyone from David Letterman to Jay Leno have told countless jokes about the benefits of Viagra. The companies that produce this drug get to benefit from free advertising each and every day.

Another common medication is Valium or Diazepam. This prescription drug helps people with anxiety, muscles spasm or withdrawal symptoms from abstaining from alcoholic drinks. The latter is meant to make life easier for a recovering alcoholic. Valium has also been the subject of jokes or teasing. If someone is acting overly stressed about a subject that doesn’t require it, a common saying would be to 'go take a Valium'. In this case the 'worried' person would not normally need it.

Ambien is a common doctor prescribed medication that helps with insomnia. It is taken over the short term to help stabilize brain chemicals to induce longer uninterrupted sleep. Hopefully, during the week or so that the drug is taken, the body stabilizes and sleep can resume at a normal pace even after Ambien is no longer taken. Another sleep inducing drug is called Lunesta. Earlier sleep medications, called 'sleeping pills' or 'downers', have been know to become addictive and can make matters worse if it is no longer taken. Newer sleep medications are less apt to cause these effects and can help cure insomnia in a much safer and lasting way.

Finally, a common medication to reduce appetite is called Meridia. This pharmaceutical is used to help people who are overweight and need to shed pounds for health reasons. Combined with a reduced calorie diet, Meridia can help keep the dieter from feeling hungry, making it easier to avoid eating foods than can add calories to their diet. This drug has helped people lose as much as 80 pounds and helped to not only make them healthier, but a much happier confident person as well. Didrex is another well known appetite suppressor.

We hope you can get a chance to try matching pills in Matchem memory. The pills picture set is more challenging than other pictures sets because pills are similar in appearance to each other. Other pictures sets include butterflies, birds and beetles.

Happy matching.

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Susanne Brown is an editor for Softgame Company, maker of card games, video poker and puzzles. She also does work on the web sites.

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