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Card Games

Bridge Card Game Quiz
This bridge quiz will help you learn about trump suits, dummy hands, tricks, bidding, scoring, teams and more.
Bridge Example - Advertiser (2)
Here is a good example on how to win a bridge contract.
About Playing Cards - No links
There are dozens of different playing card varieties besides the standard card deck including Pinochle, Bridge and Poker decks.
Cribbage Code of Ethics
With the advent of cribbage tournaments, the Cribbage Congress has been established and has a strict code of ethics.
Cribbage Game Rules
Cribbage rules may sound a bit complex and obscure, but once learned the game can be quite fun and challenging to play.
Go Fish Game Rules
Go Fish rules are easy to learn as this card game is usually played by children, but all ages will find this game a great memory exercise.
Hearts Game Rules
Hearts rules are fairly easy to learn, but your first several hearts card games will take some getting used to.
Retirement and Card Games
Retirement and card games go well together as they both offer a relaxing exercise for the brain and a time to socialize.
Spades Game Rules
Spades rules may sound like quite a lot to learn, but one usually catches on quickly and will be glad they learned this great card game.

Table Games

Badugi - The New Holdem?
Badugi is a new poker game that might be the new Texas Holdem, but boasts a very different strategy then the poker games you are used to.
Barry Greenstein - Poker Genius
Barry Greenstein was an amazing skilled poker player, but did you know he contributed nearly all of his winnings to children's charity?
The History of Blackjack
Blackjack started in France and got its name because of the special payout from getting the jack of spades.
Blackjack's Long History
Blackjack offers several books and computer programs to improve the players strategy for winning at this popular table card game.
Strategy Tips for Online Blackjack
Learn to play Blackjack efficiently with the lowest house edge by using soft hand and hard hand strategies and other clever mathematical techniques.
History of Caribbean Stud
Caribbean Stud Poker originated in Aruba and involves betting against the house or dealer instead of other poker players.
Learn to Play Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker is fun to learn one you know the payout odds and when to decide to fold or raise your bets against the house.
Exotic Poker Variations: Duplicate Hold'em
Learn to play a brand-new version of Texas Holdem, the exotic Duplicate Holdem where up to three tables play the exact same hands.
Video Poker Online - Advanced Strategy
Since players are competing against the house and not each other, strategy is extremely important in video poker.
French Poker Profile - David Benyamin
David Benyamine, a previous tennis and billiards professional, became proficient at poker at the young age of twelve and has won several professional poker tournaments.
No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker - The Art of Betting
No Limit Texas Holdem Poker has several betting secrets including the value bet, the bluff, the semi bluff, the control bet and the defensive bet.
Poker Cards
Playing cards are most often used to play poker. Playing cards history and graphics shows some reflection of this.
Rare Casino Games - Three-Card Poker
Three card poker is a rare poker table that involves an ante and raise, is played against the dealer, involves three betting options, poker bonuses and pair plus payouts.
Rare Poker Variations: Three Card Poker
Three card poker is a rather rare poker table game variation that involves an ante and raise, but is played against the dealer and not the other players.
The History of Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker originated from an ancient Chinese domino tile game and more recently has been Americanized using a standard deck of playing cards.
The Basics of Poker Games
Poker is an extremely popular but complex betting card game that offers many variations, strategies, hand combinations and betting types.
A History of Poker
Poker is believed to have originated in China, but today, most people associate poker with large casinos, high stakes tournaments and even television.
Poker History Goes a Long Way
Poker's originations are under dispute, but there is no question that poker became popular in the south on Mississippi river steamboats and never turned back.
Poker for Mac
Poker for the Macintosh is somewhat more difficult to find than for a PC, but playing a now-downloadable version or using an emulator might help.
14th Century Italy to your Sitting Room: The History of Bingo
The history of bingo can be traced back as far as 1530 Italy, when a game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia was played?

Educational Games

Why the Browser Is the Gaming Platform of the Future
The web browser as a gaming platform has seen multiple innovations throughout its lifetime.
Funbrain Games are Great for Education
Funbrain educational games website offers entertaining, fun to play and interactive games including Math Baseball, Grammar Gorillas and Math Car Racing.
Funbrain Review Quiz
If you enjoy Funbrain's website and have read our Funbrain review, you can test your knowledge about the website by answering questions about Funbrain's games, comic books and teacher's sections.
Integrate Fun and Learning with PC Games - Links (1)
Learning can be fun when using computers and when learning is fun children do a lot more of it and retain more knowledge at the same time.
Memory Games and Brain Memory
Older people who exercise their memory doing activities like puzzles and card game are much less likely to lose memory with age.
Memory Matching Games in Education
When children play memory matching games, not only are they exercising their memory skills, but they can also learn different subjects used in the games themselves.
Pharmaceutical Pills Matching Game
Pharmaceutical pills of all types can be matched using the latest add-on to Matchem Memory including Viagra, Calais, Sildenafil and others.

Math Games

Coin Puzzles
Coin puzzles can be challenging and fun, so we offer several puzzles to try, including coin swapping, shape creation and geometric shapes using coins.
History of Spirograph Puzzle Games
Spirograph games are a mathematical marvel invented back in the 1960s and made into a very popular toy using plastic gears to make endless colorful designs.
The Art of Packing Math Puzzles
Packing puzzles have been around for centuries and come in every shape and size imaginable including cubes, spheres, squares and stars.
Pattern Blocks Colorful Geometry
Pattern blocks are made up of a few simple colorful shapes, but can quickly and easily create some of the most amazing intricate designs ever known.

Video Poker Games

Poker Game Online Sites
Poker game online offerings is just getting gigantic bigger and better in quality with the newest ever games and poker rooms being designed every day.
Video Poker - The Skill Debate
Video Poker has one of the best payouts in the casino, but this is based solely on playing your cards perfectly every game.
Play Deuces Wild Video Poker
Playing Deuces Wild can be very exciting, but because of the wild cards the method of play is much different than conventional video poker.
Video Poker History
Video poker machines have evolved quite a bit from the earlier illegally stacked machines that didn't even use a full deck of cards.
The History of Video Poker
Early video poker machines used five spinning drums, did not allow you to draw cards after the deal and only awarded cigars and drinks.
Video Poker Games Rules and Variations
Video poker rules have so many variations that an entire gaming room could be filled with different poker game machines.
Five Tips for Winning at Video Poker
Winning video poker can be easy when you play maximum coins, choose full pay machines, keep a spending cap and take your time playing.
Video Poker Playing Tips
Playing video poker will be more enjoyable when you realize that the machine has no memory of previous games and is completely random.
Win at Video Poker Slot Machines
Video poker can be won simply by not rushing, betting five coins at a time, choosing a good pay table and waiting until you are well rested and ready to play.

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