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Solitaire Games Features

Funsol Solitaire offers many features not found in most other games

We offer auto card sizing that makes the cards as large as possible on your screen for easy viewing. No other game offers this. Funsol also has short suits which only show the suits needed to play. You can also select games by combining attributes in any configuration you wish. Here is a full list of features.

Smart one click auto play

Play cards to any other legal pile with one click. This makes game play immensely easier and more enjoyable.

Step and auto play to the foundations

When a game is won there is no need to play all the rest of the cards to the foundations. Simply use auto play and all the rest of the cards will play to the foundations.

Automatic game save

Every unfinished game is automatically saved so it can be continued where it was left off. There is no limit to the amount of games that are auto saved.

Unlimited undo and redo with instant location warp

There is no limit to the amount of undo and redo. A game can be undone all the way to the beginning if need be. Use the handy location warp to get to any position in the game instantly.

Save and restore any part of a game

If a choice has to be made in the game, simply save the current position and if the first choice was an incorrect one then revert back with one click.

Unlimited favorite games

Add as many games as you would like to your favorites. One click brings a list of your favorites in the game selection screen.

Automatic card resizing

The card deck graphics are newly created every time the window is resized or a different game is selected so the cards will be as large and as easy to read as possible.

Short suit support

Many games only use one or two suits instead of the conventional four. These games can be played with only the required amount suits to make them easier to play. Two suit games only use spades and hearts. One suit games use only spades.

Powerful custom card design

The cards can be custom designed in several ways to create endless possibilities in card design. The surface texture, border and face card art can all be interchanged. There are several face card sets available as an add-on for registered users.

Customizable card backs

The card back can be changed as well. There are dozens of card backs in an add-on available for registered users.

Customizable playing area

The playing area can be customized. There are hundreds of playing area background in an add-on available for registered users.

Every game is logged

The time, date, score, win and loss is logged for every game played. There is a graph of win/loss percentage as well. This feature can also be disabled.

Personal players

There is an unlimited amount of personal players. All logged games and several personal settings are stored with each player. Players can be added, reset and deleted.

Full featured card counter

The card counter can count any part of the layout desired. It works for two and four deck games as well.

Show hidden cards 'cheat' option

If a game gets too tough, try the show cards option to get out of a jam.

Full rules for every game

Every game has complete rules with pop up help for solitaire related terms like suites, builds, pile type and more.

Powerful game selection system

The game selection system allows highly detailed options to select the exact game type desired. Choice criteria include playing time, chance of winning, skill versus luck and category.

Game seed selector with billions of unique deals

Select game shuffles by a special seed. There are billions of unique shuffles.
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