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Best Party Card Games

With all the high-tech video gaming inventions, it is hard to believe that card games as a thing of the past have managed to survive up until today. They are cheap, easy to handle and appropriate for all ages; plus, you won’t have to recharge them in the middle of a challenge and miss out on the fun.

Although the poker variants at www.best-rated-poker.com are popular worldwide, other card games have enjoyed the same reputation outside the casino floor. The following are just some of the suggestions you can make next time your group of friends is out of things to do.


The card game president can be played with anything above 4 players, and as their number grows, so you add additional decks to the first one. The goal is to get rid of all the cards you’ve been dealt, as fast as possible, in order to become ‘the president’. Anyone after you is of lower rank – Vice President, Minister etc. It’s played clockwise, and the cards rank from highest to lowest in this order - 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3.


This is among the first games people learn to play, so there’s no chance you won’t get any volunteers. In the case of two players, each is dealt 10 cards, but if there are 3 or 4, each is dealt 7 cards, with the remaining part of deck becoming the stock pile. The final card of this pile is turned face up and denotes the discard pile. Players are supposed to meld a run (minimum 3 consecutive cards of the same suit) or a set (minimum 3 cards of the same number) by taking a card from the stock pile and discarding one.

Skip Bo

You will need a special card deck, but judging by this game’s wide acceptance, there is little chance of being in a household that doesn’t own one. The best thing about this card game is that you can play it with 2 to 6 players, and you are dealt 10 to 30 cards based on this. The total deck of skip bo cards contains 144 cards numbered 1-12 and 16 skip bo “wild” ones. All you have to do now is discard all of the cards you have been dealt from your stock pile, and do it before anyone else.


The game of cheat can include 2-10 players, but is played with a standard deck. The cards are dealt until there’s none left, and the game consists of discarding one or several cards into a pile. The first player starts with discarding aces, the second – 2s, and so on up until 10, which is followed by Jacks, Queens and Kings. This is done with the cards faced down, so you don’t really have to discard the number you are supposed to. However, the other players can challenge you if they think you’ve done this, and the one who is wrong collects the whole discard pile.
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