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Guess the Casino Game in these Movies

Ahh casino movies..., we know why directors love them. They are full of high octane moments, risking everything on your last chip so a Russian mobster does not have your guts for garters. A safer way of not getting your head chopped off is playing online. BGO is definitely of the best online casino out there and has all the games you desire. We all remember the BIG casino movie hits, like Casino, Casino Royal, Oceans 11 and more recently 21. But do you remember these lesser known films that are just as thrilling?

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Probably more remembered for Vinnie Jones cameo and him not actually saying anything, but this film was an epic casino film. Eddy played by Nick Moran, decides play against local South-East London crook Hatchet Harry. Unfortunately for Eddy the game is rigged and when Eddy asks for an extra £250k in the next hand, he ends up losing it all and is in the hands of the mob. The director’s use of Eddy’s emotion when he realizes he’s lost it all is incredible. Poor Eddy has a week to pay up. Well worth a watch again.

Run Lola Run

The plot of this German film is divided into three scenarios that emerge into one encounter (I won’t spoil it). Lola, who is a vivid red headed action girl, is called upon by her boyfriend. The boyfriend, who works for a mobster needs to pay 100,000 Deutsche Marks or his life is ended – he or rather Lola has twenty minutes to find the cash. It’s a complex movie but it ends with Lola in a casino where the magic begins. She manages to hit her lucky number twice in row with a 100 deutsche mark chip… With the odds against Lola she comes out with 122,500 DM.

The Deer Hunter

Ok, a completely different type of roulette, the connotations are certainly powerful enough. A group of American soldiers fighting in Vietnam who are captured and held in a prison of war camp. The soldiers are ordered to playing ‘Russian roulette’ whilst the guards bet on the outcome. This movie won lots of awards and has rave reviews but certainly not for the faint hearted.

Now it’s your turn to guess the casino in these other epic casino movies!

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