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Ridem Higher Lower

Play higher lower table game

Ridem Higher Lower comes with Funpuz Game Collection. Place bets against the dealer and win big if you can guess correctly six times in a row. Bet with realistic chips with other fellow computer players or your friends.

Ridem Higher Lower offers these features and more

  • Place bets and win big
  • Seven players that can be human or computer
  • Guess higher or lower on the next card, get six guesses right in a row and ride a wave!
  • Real human voice system
  • Realistic betting chip graphics

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  • Ridem Higher Lower table game
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    Ridem Higher Lower rules

  • Each player and the dealer are dealt one card after all bets are made
  • Aces are high
  • The player decides whether the next card is higher or lower
  • The player also can choose to stop at any time
  • If the player guesses incorrectly or gets an equal card they lose the hand
  • If the player gets six correct guesses in a row they win 6 to 1 automatically
  • The dealer goes last and on the first card must go lower on an 8 and higher on a 7
  • The dealer then must go lower on a Jack or above and higher on a 4 or below
  • The dealer must continue until a 5 through 10 is dealt or guesses incorrectly
  • If the dealer busts then all active players win 1 to 1
  • If the dealer has more cards then the player, the player loses
  • If the dealer and player have the same amount of cards it is a push
  • If the player has more cards the player is paid the difference

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