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If there’s one thing that has become an almost “default” trait in most inexperienced gamblers, it’s believing in myths. Superstitions and myths are an integral part of the transformation into a more seasoned casino player, and video poker machines are not excluded from this common “rule”. Thanks to the 30+ years of popularity of video poker games, there have been dozens of myths created throughout the past decades. And with the advance of online casinos, some of those were transported into the online world as well. So, if you’re new to playing online video poker, here are the most common fallacies video poker rookies believe to help you discern reality from fiction.

This Game is “Due” or “Hot”

One of the first things you notice in many online casinos is that a lot of them will have “Latest Wins” trackers or hot and cold categories for their games. Thus, many players see a game pop up on the tracker or see it featured heavily into the “hot” menu and immediately assume it must be the best game to bet on. However, this is entirely false because online video poker games, just like their land-based counterparts, rely on RNG’s to produce random outcomes, so each wager you make in the game will be entirely random. Thus, there really is no sense in hoping you’re “due” for a win.

Multi-Hand Games Take a Different Approach

The only thing that changes when you play 2, 3, or more hands at the same time is your banking account, which wastes much faster when you’re playing more than one hand at a time. In a nutshell, the same strategies you apply to a single-hand game will work on multi-hand variants as well, since each hand will be drawn from a separate deck of cards, with the difference being only that you get many other combinations instead of just one.

Casinos Rig RNG’s to Certain Players

Another common fallacy is that casinos will deliberately “tweak” or interfere with their games to prevent certain players from winning too much. Yet, this is mostly the result of the casino management image reflected in Hollywood movies and not real cases. In the online world, casinos have to hold a gaming license. What this basically means is that when you see a casino like, let’s say, https://casino.netbet.co.uk/, and you see a badge of the UKGC, what you’re actually seeing is a proof the casino is audited and inspected. The inspection process also involves the RNG, so no casino would risk losing their license by trying to “trick” you.

You Can “Trick” Your Way to Winning

There are many ways in which new players believe they can trick or beat the game, but most of them aren’t true. Whether you’ve heard that you can get better hands if you time your draws/deals better, win more by swapping games, or even exploit bonus offers, casinos will always stay a step ahead of you. Thus, the only way to beat video poker is to play as perfect as you can, on every hand. Luckily, that’s where strategies come handy.
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